Melbourne Uni Student Union

The University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) has been around for over 130 years; their mission is to provide quality experiences on campus and to create a community for students, staff and visitors, from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences.

The problem the Melbourne Uni Student Union faced was that although many of the disparate elements and departments within their organisation had a web presence, there was little consistency and cohesion. They asked us to create a website that collected all these organisations under one roof, allowed a consistent brand and methodology to be used throughout, and facilitated management. As office bearers within the organisation changed on a yearly basis, the system had to be easy to use, flexible, and well secured.

Melbourne Uni Student Union asked us to use WordPress as the core framework, so faced numerous challenges to maintain over 350 pages, at least 30 blogs, a multitude of mutually exclusive event calendars, up to a hundred editors with varying levels of permissions and still had to ensure that the website was mobile responsive and fast to load.

Quite a challenge! Visit the Melbourne Uni Student Union website here

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