Captivate ELearning Planning Assets

After much deliberation and multiple requests from students, I’ve decided to release a number of documents that anyone in the eLearning space should find useful, particularly developers that use Adobe Captivate.

In previous blog posts, I’ve detailed some of the processes and procedures that I use in developing eLearning projects, encompassing strategy, planning and development.

In this post I’ve decided to abbreviate the instruction, and simply provide you with some of the mindmaps that I use in my projects.

The content is by no means all-encompassing, nor even complete if you look carefully at the cracks, but it should be enough to get you started.

The mindmaps are provided as source files in the XMind file format. You will need that application (open-source, cross-platform) to open the files.

The files are most definitely my intellectual property, and I ask you please not to distribute these files without my express permission. I have no security measures nor password protection on these files and trust you to respect the request.

Access Tutorial Assets

If you’re a JRD Customer or JRD Registered Student, you can access special information and download the tutorial assets here.

What’s in there?

A zip file containing 3 super-useful mindmaps made in XMind.

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