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Callalily Luxury E-commerce Website

Callalily Luxury E-commerce Website   When we were asked by US-based Callalily Luxury to build a website to showcase and sell luxury skincare products, we were initially overwhelmed by the requirements. The site required a straightforward secure e-commerce platform, as well as a tiered wholesale membership system with options for all tiers to be able to bulk-order. In addition, we also had to integrate a membership rewards system that hooked up with social media - in other words, ant 'likes' or 'shares' or 'comments' on social media would earn the member points that could be redeemed by discounts against product purchases. [...]

Pronto On Flinders Restaurant Website

Pronto On Flinders Restaurant Website   I've been buying my coffee twice a day at Pronto On Flinders for the last few years, and because I'm such a coffee nut, I've been doing it because Ele and his team simply make the best coffee in Melbourne. I know that's only an opinion, but they make it just the way I like it. Consistently. Somehow the topic of websites came up in conversation, and before I knew it, Ele was asking me to build a site for him. Not only did he want the standard type of restaurant content - menus, [...]

Swimwell E-commerce Website

Swimwell E-commerce Website From the most basic beginnings of helping someone expunge their fear of swimming, to dealing with open water situations, and  to fine tuning swimming strokes to transfer every ounce of effort into comfortable speed, Swimwell have a programme for you! Peter Hendriks is the kind of swimming coach everyone should have at some time during their lives. He takes small groups of people through every phase of the process, with a conscientious and hands-on approach to helping people be the best swimmer they can be. He uses a mixture of tried-and-true techniques along with the latest methodologies [...]

Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks - Strategy, Print, Web, Coding, E-Learning, E-Commerce A happy new year to everyone! I hope that you all had a good holiday and are keen to get back to work! With that purpose in mind, I'm finally about to deliver on a promise I made some time ago. I'm going to create an area on this website purely devoted to helping people get good advice on a number of topics, particularly in the area of design, development and maintenance of websites, mobile applications, e-commerce and e-learning. This will take the form of a Blog, and it'll be a [...]

No iOS Zone WiFi attack

No iOS Zone WiFi attack. Imagine this - crossing the street or sitting in a moving taxi and suddenly your phone or iPad reboots. You're puzzled and annoyed, particularly since you may have been on the phone to a client or friend, perhaps in the middle of writing a long text message. So you wait for the phone (or iPad) to finish the reboot process. And then it does it again. And again. Right now, you're beyond annoyed. Almost in throw-the-phone-at-the-wall territory. The guy standing next to you is chatting away happily, but ten feet away, there's another person looking [...]

Mobile-Friendly Websites

Is your website Google Mobile-Friendly? Here's what Google say about their Mobile-Friendly rollout: Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimised for their devices. They have also published a testing tool, usability reports and other avenues to encourage webmasters convince clients to go mobile-friendly. You can test whether your site is mobile-friendly by using the Google Webmaster Tools Mobile-Friendly Test. If your [...]

Food Service Machinery : E-commerce Website

Food Service Machinery (FSM) commenced trading in Australia in 1976 and has established a national reputation for providing high quality food service equipment to all sectors of the industry. They continue to innovate and lead the way in trends, including the recent introduction of precision impingement oven systems, and their management team regularly attends overseas trade shows, talking with the designers and manufacturers to enable us to bring the very best proven technology to the Australian market. Food Service Machinery asked us to completely re-vamp their old website and create an e-commerce site to allow their customers to get quotes for [...]

Object Of Desire : New Website by JRD

Object Of Desire is a site where you can find not just what's new, but whats stylish and sometimes unusual, uncommon and definitely cool. It's a blog and an e-commerce store. Sophie Taylor’s innate sense of style and space, as well as her knowledge of the technical aspects of website development made this e-commerce website both a joy and a challenge to complete. It’s great to have a client who knows exactly what she wants and won’t accept anything less than perfect. Her attitude towards her business is equally precise and I’m proud to have been able to represent her [...]

Website Design & Development : Experience Relaxation and Healing

We're thrilled to announce the launch of the Experience Relaxation and Healing website. After some intense consultation, we're confident that this wonderful crew of healers will get exactly what they need from this website. It's responsive, functional, and beautiful to look at. Experience Relaxation and Healing

Mobile Apps vs Web Apps

Mobile Apps vs Web Apps - what's the difference? Mobile Applications and Web Applications can appear to be very similar, but the difference in fact, is fairly simple: Mobile Applications: A mobile application is created using native device code languages specific to the mobile device. For instance the Android platform requires that code is written in Java and C++ with some variations. The Apple iOS platform requires predominantly Objective C. Mobile applications require the code to be compiled. The application is then submitted (in the case of iOS) to the App Store or to Google Play (predominantly) for Android apps, for distribution. From there, a user logs onto the appropriate store for their platform and [...]

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