8 06, 2017

Cropping and centering fixed-width elements with CSS

Cropping and centering fixed-width elements with CSS Cropping and centering fixed-width elements with CSS seems, at first view, a fairly simple procedure. But in truth, it's actually a little more complicated. This week, one of my students asked me if I could show him [...]

6 01, 2016

Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks - Strategy, Print, Web, Coding, E-Learning, E-Commerce A happy new year to everyone! I hope that you all had a good holiday and are keen to get back to work! With that purpose in mind, I'm finally about to deliver on a [...]

3 11, 2014

Android co-founder jumps ship

Andy Rubin leaves Google to set up startup incubator for hardware technology. Rubin sold Android to Google in 2005 and ran the Android development until 2013 when he moonwalked to head up the "moonshot" robotics project team. Now Rubin's focus will be more on hardware than internet [...]

28 09, 2014

Using Web Fonts

Tips on using Web Fonts Many times I've found myself wondering what font or typeface has been used on a website, particularly in these days when the availability is not restricted to just what the end user has installed on their local computer system. Being [...]

13 08, 2014

Website Design & Development : WordPress Tip

Remove P tags around images in Wordpress. Here's a Wordpress tip that solves the annoyance about WordPress  in the way it adds paragraph tags around images when you put 'em on posts and pages. This can play havoc with spacing and styling and I simply [...]

11 08, 2014

Website Design & Development : Experience Relaxation and Healing

We're thrilled to announce the launch of the Experience Relaxation and Healing website. After some intense consultation, we're confident that this wonderful crew of healers will get exactly what they need from this website. It's responsive, functional, and beautiful to look at. Experience Relaxation and [...]

29 04, 2014

Johnny Depp. Singularity. Transcendence.

Johnny Depp. There, I've said the name. Now  the story. Johnny Depp's new movie 'Transcendence' has been savaged by critics : 'Sleepy-eyed Johnny Depp is an implausible genius in this unclever sci-fi movie about artificial intelligence' and  'Johnny Depp is less attractive here than Zoolander'. [...]

21 04, 2014

Facebook and Google buy high altitude drones

The news that both Google and Facebook have spent billions of dollars buying up technology companies is not new. Google has bought at least eight top robotics companies, spent masses of cash buying the artificial intelligence company Deepmind and acquired the high-altitude drone manufacturer Titan [...]

13 04, 2014

NSA denies knowledge of Heartbleed Security bug

NSA didn't know about the  Heartbleed Security bug - or so they say. Everyone loves a good conspiracy story , so when Bloomberg reported that the NSA had been aware of the potential for exploitation for at least 2 years, the White House and US [...]

9 04, 2014

Heartbleed Security Bug

Heartbleed Security Bug - Will you be affected? There's been a flurry of news on the web over the last few days about this because clearly some of the major news services needed some front-page pull.  The vulnerability has been common knowledge for over a [...]