Burke DNA Genealogy

A website where all members of the Burke clan could register and then enter their family trees, including DNA and other genealogical data.

Cirka Cleaning and Property Services

Cirka has more than 30 years’ experience in the cleaning and facility services industry and has earned a reputation as a trusted and respected provider of a quality service.  We were asked to rebuild their site on a tight deadline and budget, which was achieved with inches to spare!

Interactive Hire

Interactive Hire is Australia’s leading distributor and supplier of commercial touch screens and kiosks. The Touch Screen market is huge and getting bigger by the day as businesses discover the variety of uses for Touch Screens.

The Odd Frog

The Odd Frog is an Eco-Retreat situated up in northern Victoria. Luxury self-contained cottages nestled in unspoilt bushland, in an area known for fresh air, clean living, beautiful food and wine, and a recipe for complete relaxation.

Swanbuild New Home Builders

We were asked to build the website framework for a company that creates modular homes in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.

Automotive Job Market

Auto Job Market asked us to create a website where employers with jobs on offer could purchase advertising packages, list their jobs, filter, review and select candidates. 

Catamaran Charters

Catamaran Charters is a tourist service operating out of Melbourne's Dockside area. They take tourists out on sightseeing tours around the bay, and also include catering. We were asked to build a simple website to showcase the tours as well as an automated testimonial system.

Callalilly Luxury

Callalilly Luxury is a US company that creates natural beauty products for the global market. They asked us to create an E-Commerce website that not only showcased their products in a clean and stylish fashion, but also to create a three-tiered E-Commerce system for end users, retailers and wholesalers. In addition, they asked us to create a rewards system that linked in with their significant Social Media marketing to allow automated discounting for return visitors.

Britannia Kitchen Ventilation

Britannia Kitchen Ventilation is a company that caters to professional kitchens by providing ventilation systems and associated products. They asked us to create a website that showcased their products in a clean and stylish fashion.

Bass Strait Game Fishing Club

Bass Strait Game Fishing Club is a community fishing club with hundreds of active members. They asked us to build a membership website with the ability to process memberships, provide tips and tricks, present timely information on events and competitions, and a member blog.

Archetype Chart Readings

Archetype Chart Readings is an innovative tool for self understanding and empowerment. They asked us to build a membership website with an interactive chart reading that claims to be able to aid in predicting the future and explain the past.

All Cash For Car

All Cash For Car is a metal recycling service that deals in all types of recyclable metals, including junk cars, trucks and other vehicles. They asked us to build a simple website to showcase their services, take bookings and display a blog.

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