Harassment of women online is at an unprecedented level.

wamWAM, the non-profit organisation (Women, Action and the Media) and Twitter have got together to try and tackle this growing problem.

They’ve created this form that makes it easier to report unsavoury behaviour. Some may say that this is just paying lipservice to the masses, but  Twitter representatives have said that the WAM ‘authorised reporter’ status allows it to ‘escalate’ the harassment report and allow Twitter to build a more detailed pattern of troll behaviour so that steps may be taken to improve service and protect customers.

Threats made online are real threats, and although some might downgrade this to simple ‘name-calling’, the consequences are based on solid fact – the potential for online harassment to turn the recipient into a possible self-harmer or even suicide is very real.

Many people want to see fundamental changes made to Twitter itself, such as making rape threats an explicit violation of its terms of service and making sure that a single, tenacious harasser could not create multiple accounts to get around suspensions.