Westgate Bridge Health and Safety e-Learning module

Whilst repairs and construction were occurring on the Westgate Bridge, particularly since the working environment was potentially hazardous, VicRoads required an airtight Health and Safety programme to ensure the wellbeing of workers and commuters alike.

Alcohol and drug awareness for heavy vehicle drivers e-Learning module

The impact of road fatalities caused by drivers whose senses have been impaired by the use of drugs and alcohol is beyond severe, so when we were asked to be a part of an education programme to try and reduce this senseless loss of life, we were understandably very keen to get aboard.

Adult Sepsis E-Learning

We were asked to create an e-learning programme to address the needs of a clinical environment designed to tackle the education about and treatment of Adult Sepsis.

Diabetic Foot E-Learning

We were tasked with creating thirteen modules of eLearning to address a requirement for higher competency in treating Diabetic Foot disease.

Catholic Education South Australia

We were asked to create a number of eLearning modules for CESA, working closely with their instructional designers, teachers and subject matter experts.

Latrobe University

Latrobe University asked us to create an eLearning application to aid students in using the Medline and Cinahl research tools. In addition to creating some interactive modules, we also created in-depth software simulations to allow students to understand how to use these rather complex tools.


Because we work frequently with Government organisations and corporations on projects that aren't initially (or ever) intended for viewing by the general public, we can't show pictures or discuss the details here.

Space Time Research

Space Time Research has specialised for more than 25 years in developing software tools and solutions. It's a complex set of software tools, and STR asked us to put together a training programme to make it easier to understand.

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