Melbourne Direct

We were asked to create an application that drew data from a published Travel API, assembled the data in a user-friendly interface and allowed users to browse, filter, select, and book flights to and from Melbourne. 


Because we work frequently with Government organisations and corporations on projects that aren't initially (or ever) intended for viewing by the general public, we can't show pictures or discuss the details here.


DriveSmart is a training programme that lets the learner put driving abilities to the test using interactive scenarios. We used audio, video and interactive games to simulate and teach real-world scenarios so that learner drivers got to experience them without the danger of collision.

One Destiny

If learning history had been this much fun when we were kids, everyone would be an historian! Global Vision asked us to make their educational vision a reality by making the games in this fabulous story about the Federation in Australia.


We were asked to create a learning framework that allowed crew to practice their radio techniques by using a microphone and interacting with the software and prompts.

Fuji Xerox Docutech

Fuji Xerox launched an exciting new product into a commercial environment that was extremely competitive. They asked us to create a multimedia presentation that they could customise for each potential client that showed the performance of the Docutech product matched against some possible competitors.

Fuji Xerox

Over the years, we've done a considerable amount of work for Fuji Xerox. Because many of their products are complex, they need training materials and user information that keeps the support team doing what they do best.

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