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Twitter joins Advocacy group to stop harassment of women

Harassment of women online is at an unprecedented level. WAM, the non-profit organisation (Women, Action and the Media) and Twitter have got together to try and tackle this growing problem. They've created this form that makes it easier to report unsavoury behaviour. Some may say that this is just paying lipservice to the masses, but  Twitter representatives have said that the WAM 'authorised reporter' status allows it to 'escalate' the harassment report and allow Twitter to build a more detailed pattern of troll behaviour so that steps may be taken to improve service and protect customers. Threats made online are [...]

Android co-founder jumps ship

Andy Rubin leaves Google to set up startup incubator for hardware technology. Rubin sold Android to Google in 2005 and ran the Android development until 2013 when he moonwalked to head up the "moonshot" robotics project team. Now Rubin's focus will be more on hardware than internet services. It'll be interesting to see what his tightly-focussed and entrepreneurial ways will do to hardware development. Google/Android's tight hand-in-glove partnership with Samsung might have persuaded Rubin that a more open arrangement would be better for the end user and his share portfolio so hopefully his team will come up with some really funky that [...]

Using Web Fonts

Tips on using Web Fonts Many times I've found myself wondering what font or typeface has been used on a website, particularly in these days when the availability is not restricted to just what the end user has installed on their local computer system. Being an ex-typesetter from the days when type was set in metal, and leading (line-height) was actually a piece of lead, I've always been fascinated with type. For a long time, web browsers have disallowed the use of fonts except for the most pedestrian and over-used varieties, and as the general public we've been punished unduly [...]

Website Design & Development : WordPress Tip

Remove P tags around images in Wordpress. Here's a Wordpress tip that solves the annoyance about WordPress  in the way it adds paragraph tags around images when you put 'em on posts and pages. This can play havoc with spacing and styling and I simply can't stand having to write extra CSS just to correct the problem. So here's a simple REGEX pattern that leaves the images untouched. To employ this, you'll have to open your Theme functions.php and add the code to the end. The best practice approach is to add it to the functions.php file in a child [...]

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