Visionary Films

Visionary Films asked us to create a simple website for them, so we used a Wordpress environment and some powerful images to do it.

Britannia Kitchen Ventilation

Britannia Kitchen Ventilation is a company that caters to professional kitchens by providing ventilation systems and associated products. They asked us to create a website that showcased their products in a clean and stylish fashion.

Bass Strait Game Fishing Club

Bass Strait Game Fishing Club is a community fishing club with hundreds of active members. They asked us to build a membership website with the ability to process memberships, provide tips and tricks, present timely information on events and competitions, and a member blog.

Archetype Chart Readings

Archetype Chart Readings is an innovative tool for self understanding and empowerment. They asked us to build a membership website with an interactive chart reading that claims to be able to aid in predicting the future and explain the past.

All Cash For Car

All Cash For Car is a metal recycling service that deals in all types of recyclable metals, including junk cars, trucks and other vehicles. They asked us to build a simple website to showcase their services, take bookings and display a blog.

Amanda Louden Glass

I love working with passionately creative people! Amanda Louden is just one of those. When she showed me the immensely painstaking process that she uses to produce her totally unique, individual and quirkily Australian pieces of art, I was convinced that more people in this world needed to know about it. Like many of her creative class, she's almost dismissive of her prodigious talent, and reticent about promotion and self-aggrandisement. The Amanda Louden Glass website came about after months of deliberation, and it was a real pleasure to work on it. Check it out here.

Swimwell – Personal Training & Events

Swimwell asked us to build a website that allowed for a multi-tier membership environment, along with a booking system that tied in with an events calendar and an E-Commerce platform. Unfortunately the client budget ran out before we were able to complete the project. Disappointing, but we learned a few valuable lessons in the experience.  

Pronto On Flinders – Cafe Restaurant

Pronto on Flinders is landmark Italian Restaurant within the Melbourne CBD known for its personalised service, great food and award winning coffee all “Made with Love”. Pronto on Flinders “Made with Love” philosophy means exceptional value, service and food in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Over the last 10 years Pronto on Flinders owner Ele has brought his unique brand of personalised service, great Italian food and award winning coffee to the Melbourne CBD. We were asked to create a website that showed Pronto's food to best advantage, and to create an ordering system which interfaced with the restaurant's POS [...]

Food Service Machinery

Food Service Machinery asked us to create an e-commerce website to showcase the huge range of commercial kitchen equipment and food service machinery that they sell here in Australia.

Experience Relaxation and Healing

Whatever the reason, people walk out of the Experience Relaxation and Healing centre refreshed, healed and more in touch with their own selves.

Nip it in the Bud

Nip It In The Bud asked us to design and develop a website that would allow them to showcase their work as well as provide a useful reference for clients both past and present.

Asian Design Warehouse

Asian Design Warehouse source and sell products from Asia, primarily Thailand. We were asked to create an e-commerce site that allowed our client to easily upload and edit the product range and prices.

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